In the Know: The Oliver Graf Real Estate Show, San Diego CA

Oliver Graf sits down for an in-depth conversation with Brian Sciutto. Brian is the owner of Pure Mortgage and a Top 1% of Loan Originators in The Country… in other words, this dude knows how to generate business.

Hang out with Oliver and Brian at Ballast Point Brewery as they share everything it takes to sell 100+ homes per year, win the game of prospecting, use scripts that work, and tracking results with the “Greatness Tracker”.

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In this video you will discover…

…how to close deals without being annoying, what to say (and what NOT to say), and what to do to get in front of prospects who you have the best chance of actually doing business with.  

Here are some of the things they cover:
– What to say to close a deal
– The best way to track your success
– How to ask for business and not be annoying
– What activities are best for prospecting
– What is a VIP list (and how to get more deals from it)

…and so much more!

Here is the break down of what is covered in the video by minute.

1:25 Brian was on Baywatch
2:44 Prospecting sucks, so why do it?
3:59 What is the Greatness Tracker – Get a copy of the greatness tracker here.

5:45 Maximize face to face interactions
7:45 Whoever has the most relationships wins
8:36 How to ask for business: Close without being annoying

10:17 Invite prospects to events and outings
11:38 Keep it small and intimate
12:22 Have a VIP List

13:19 Attract like-minded people
14:08 What to say to close the deal

Want some proven scripts to use? Here are some Mike Ferry scripts to help you get comfortable asking for business, prospecting and closing more deals. 

In the Know, The Oliver Graf Real Estate Show is presented and hosted by Oliver Graf, Co-founder and President of Big Block Realty, an Inc. 500 company, and Co-Founder of

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To your success,

Oliver Graf, Co-Founder & Coach