Four Pillars of Business and Real Estate Domination

Wild Out Wednesday with Sam Khorramian, San Diego-CA

Sam Khorramian is the Co-Founder of Real Estate Agent Trainers and an Inc. 500 entrepreneur.

An expert in real estate success, Sam delves into topics each week that help to motivate real estate agents to live up to their full potential and become the best real estate agents in the business.

Through real estate agent training, and unique marketing tips and tools, real estate agents can gain valuable insights to help them grow their real estate business, sell more homes, close more deals, and live the life they dream of.

In this episode of Wild Out Wednesday, Sam tackles The Four Pillars of Business and Real Estate Domination:

0:46.25   1. Mindset

2:37.04   2. Skill

3:30.06   3. The RIGHT Activities

4:38.18   4. Action

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Sam Khorramian
Co-Founder & Coach
Real Estate Agent Trainers