In the Know: The Oliver Graf Real Estate Show, San Diego CA

Oliver Graf, Inc. 500 Real Estate Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Real Estate Agent Trainers, sits down to talk with the author of The Book of Yes, Kevin Ward. 

This episode of In The Know-The Oliver Graf Real Estate Show delves into the fear of rejection and how agents can turn prospects into paychecks with the help of real estate and prospecting  expert Kevin Ward.

Kevin Ward overcame his fear of rejection after one door knocking experience sidelined him for almost two years.  How much money did he lose because he allowed fear to keep him from prospecting and doorknocking and what did he do to get over it? Find out by watching this video!

The ultimate real estate agent conversion guide is what The Book of YES by real estate expert Keven Ward is all about.  


In this “In the Know” episode you will discover:

1:17 Overcoming Prospecting Fear

1:44 Creating a Breakthrough Moment for Your Business

3:10 Don’t Stop After One Bad Door Knocking Experience

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3:36 Success = Don’t Be a Jerk

4:36 What Does the Movie “What Women Want” Have To Do With Real Estate? 

5:12 Focus on What THEY Want, Not What You Want

5:20 Change Your Language to Appeal to The Client

6:12 The Book of YES!

8:10 Words Have Energy

13:40 Get 5 Referrals from Every Deal You Close

15:22 Best Lead Generation Strategy

15:48 How to Crush Every Open House

16:54 Facebook Marketing for Open House Success

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