Don’t Let Your Real Estate Business Die

In this episode Sam Khorramian breaks down the three things you MUST do to keep your real estate business alive and thriving.

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Deals don’t just arrive at your door like an Amazon Prime delivery. 

If you want to sell more real estate you need to start by taking calculated risks instead of running away from them. 

Get to work making your dreams come true by taking these three steps to keep your real estate business alive.  

Mike Ferry and Gary Vaynerchuk are the kings of taking risks. Take a few tips from them, and Sam, and get off the couch.

1. Move forward in spite of fear.  We all get scared sometimes.  How you work through those emotions will make the difference between being successful and crawling away from an opportunity with your tail between your legs.  Stare fear in the face with confidence, laser focus, and drive.  

2. Get out of your own way.  The biggest obstacle to success in any business, especially real estate, is yourself.  Are you questioning every move? Doubting yourself?  Stopped being creative about your business?  Break through these barriers and start believing in yourself more if you want to win in business.    

3. Follow in the footsteps of those who have achieved what you want before you.  This is a no brainer.  Who wants to re-invent the wheel?  Noone.  Stop thinking you know it all and realize that the best of the best have paved the way for you.  So, grab a book, go to a seminar about how to grow your real estate business, or how to improve your online visibility.  Knowledge is power and in the case, knowledge is money in the bank! 

Taking risks is scary. But you can not have success without it. In fact, risk equals reward.  Reward equals happiness. So, take risks,believe in yourself, and make your success a priority.

I hope this shines a light for you and your business. I hope you implement it, and I hope you do me a favor and SHARE THIS VIDEO.

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To your success.

Sam Khorramian Co Founder REAT

Sam Khorramian
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