Below Is The Proven 7 Step Process on How To Create A Viral Video…

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Ready to take a shot at creating your own Viral Video?

Use these 7 steps as a guideline and put your brand’s spin on it. Here’s how to do it…

  • Hit them with a ridiculous hook
  • Throw a little education their way
  • Be relatable
  • Tell them why they want it
  • Toss in a quicky-explain the offer
  • Call to action
  • Be totally absurd

Let’s break it down.

1.  Ridiculous Hook

Dollar Beard Club Opening Hook-How to Make a Viral Video

In other words…

Grab their attention immediately.  You have approximately 6 seconds to gain your viewers attention online.  In this opening clip The Dollar Beard Club CEO, Chris, dropped an “F” bomb and slapped a razor out of this guys hand.

Chris went on to say razors take away your manhood and claims to eat shaving cream for breakfast.  Absurd?  Totally!  Does it grab attention and make you want to keep watching?  Yes!

2.  Educate-But Keep It Brief

Ultimate Viral Video

Now you have them eating our of your hand.

Time to feed them a little education about the actual product you are selling.

Right after he licks the shaving cream off his fingers, he goes right into how you can get “the most legendary beard products of all time” for only $1 a month.

They are hooked.  Now what?

3.  Relate to Your Audience

Create the Best Viral Video

What do guys do who sport a sexy, god-like beard?

Ride motorcycles and get hot women to swarm them, of course.   Relating to your audience means you need to speak their language and articulate the desired outcome.

This clip starts with the CEO saying, “You don’t have time to shop for products.  You have a Beard.  I get it.  You are busy riding motorcycles and swimming in a box of women.”

A little out there and totally stereotyping, but incredibly effective.  Not only are you relating to your audience, you are saying hey, beards are sexy to women and you look like a badass on a Harley when your beard looks like flowing locks of love in the wind.

4.  Tell Them Why They Want It 

Make a killer viral video

Why would anyone need beard oil?

To keep their beard LOOKING healthy, FEELING smooth, and SMELLING like the beard of Zeus.

Appeal to your audience senses and their fear of loss.  What will happen if they DON’T buy your product?  The implied reality is that their beard will look like crap, smell even worse and feel like sand paper.

Note the suddenly shirtless CEO.  Always interject absurdity into the video whenever you can to keep the viewer interested, scratching their head (or beard), and laughing.  

5.  Answer The “What’s In It For Me?”

Make a Ridiculously Viral Video

What does the client get besides a touchable hedge on their face?


Every month they get the finest beard oils, waxes, balms, shampoos and everything else you need to keep your beard looking godly…straight to your door!

Tell your audience what is in it for them and make it quick.  Facts get boring fast for the online shopper so hit the main benefits quickly before you move on the the close!

6.  Call To Action

How to create a viral video

“Be a man and sign up at”

A call to action doesn’t have  to be a boring sales pitch.  Throw down the offer and move on to the finale.

7.  The Finale = End With Absurdity

DYI Viral Video

What does partying in the back of a limo have to do with beard products?

Nothing and it doesn’t have to.

The absurdity factor as a marketing technique is what makes a video memorable. If you can make the viewer laugh, cry, or learn something youre 90% there.

Three generations of “serious” beards in the back, techno music blasting and a pretty blonde with confetti poppers make this video memorable, hilarious and totally share worthy!

Watch the original Dollar Beard Club viral video in its entirety.   

DId Dollar Beard Club come up with this concept on their own?


They ripped it from Dollar Shave Club as a spoof.  The takeaway is that you too can rip an audience from insanely popular brands and their videos with a spoof.

Here is the original Dollar Shave Club video that went viral first with over 23 million views:

The goal of this video is clear.



  • Take on a video that is already crushing it in the viral video space.
  • Follow our How to Make a Viral Video steps above.
  • Post it on Youtube.
  • Share and promote on social media

No matter what your product is, your brand or business, you can make a viral video that engages your audience and creates viral brand recognition.

We look forward to seeing what absurdly successful videos you post.

To Your Success!

Oliver Graf

Oliver Graf

Co-Founder | Big Block Realty & Real Estate Agent Trainers