Oliver Graf sits down with Chicago Real Estate Marketing Dude, Mike Cueves, to bring you the best tips on how you can get more referrals from your database.

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In the Know, The Oliver Graf Real Estate Show, brings candid conversations from the top experts in real estate.

In this episode, Mike, the Chicago based Real Estate Marketing Dude, covers his highly successful approach to real estate database marketing.

You will learn:

1. Launch a video marketing campaign
2. Launch a successful direct mail campaign.
3. Launch a successful social media campaign.

This video answers these questions:

-What holidays are the best for RE marketing and why?
-Why should you use Facebook and Instagram?
-Do I need a large database to be successful in RE?
-What are the three things to remember in everything I do related to RE marketing?

This video includes:

:51 How to build your database in real estate

2:21 Who would be on your marketing list

3:22 The 3 prong marketing approach

3:58 Prong 1: Direct Marketing

4:44 Don’t talk about real estate

6:00 Refrigerator magnets still work

7:55 Prong 2: Video email

10:10 What to email your real estate database

11:05 5 “Core Videos” to start with

13:30 The #1 Most visited blog post on Mikes site

14:36 Prong 3: Social Media Marketing (the right way)

15:15 The secret to making it all work

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Oliver Graf is the co-founder and President of Big Block Realty, an Inc 500 company, and co-founder of REAT.

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