If you are not time blocking, you are wasting time. Time blocking is one of the best ways to stay on track and achieve success in real estate. This video gets into the ways you can begin time blocking your way to hitting your goals. 

Agents tend to procrastinate.

It’s true.  without a solid plan and time blocking, it is easy to stray into social media never never land or go from meeting to meeting, event to event without actually accomplishing a singe revenue generating lead.

But top producing agents avoid this trap by doing one thing:  They create a schedule that is so tight and so intense they can not help but to be successful.

You say you want to move the needle for your real estate business.  If that is true, you will do exactly what needs to be done in order to stay on track.

The top three things you need to do in order to stay on track and create a productive workflow:

  1.  Eliminate distractions
  2.  Eliminate options (stop giving yourself options you don’t deserve)
  3.  Stop expecting to win big without a schedule

Would you expect to fly 20,000 feet without an airplane? No.

So why do you expect to hit your huge goals without a schedule, which is the vehicle to get you there.  Time blocks are the fuel that will feed and control your schedule.

Do not allow yourself to make random decisions that are not already on your schedule.  The secret: stop making so many damn decision.  The decision to wake up late, not prospect, go home early, or miss a Mike Ferry event.  Are those decisions on your schedule?  No.  So stop…seriously, stop.

Follow your schedule 70% of the time and guess what?  You win.  You can not help but win.  So stop talking about starting or reading about starting, and just start.  Right now.  Get off the computer and start right now.

I hope this shines a light for you and your business. I hope you implement it, and I hope you do me a favor and SHARE THIS VIDEO.

To your success.

Sam and Oliver - REAT

Sam Khorramian
INC 500 Entrepreneur
Co Founder REAT & Big Block Realty
Master RE Trainer