Watch this short interview with top title rep Ryan Lipsey​, where we talk about the data your title rep can provide to help you get more listings, sell your listings faster, and hit your prospects from land, sea, and air.

Oliver Graf sits down with one of the top real estate title reps in the country to discuss just how much they can bring to the table when it comes to growing your real estate business.

Tapping into their database and leveraging your relationship with your title rep is one of the best strategies for success.

Here’s the breakdown…

1:35 How to work with your title rep
2:20 How to handle unexpected title issues
3:18 The ways your title rep can help you with your business
4:17 Who they can help you target
5:00 What your title rep can (and can not) help you with
6:50 Meeting and planning with your title rep
8:15 All “The data” your title rep can get you
10:00 Hitting more prospects from land, sea and air
10:55 What are people winning with in today’s real estate market
12:40 Tips on converting
14:20 It’s a contact sport
15:15 HOT TIP: Circle Dialing!
16:40 HOT TIP: It’s all about the story
17:20 HOT TIP: Pre marketing campaigns and coming soon campaigns (hottest tip to sell your listings)
19:13 The BEST marketing strategy he has seen
22:30 The hottest new app in real estate

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Oliver Graf | Sam Khorramian

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