How did this young wife and mother go from 6 deals a year to becoming the top producer in her market in just 3 years?  This video will walk you through the 10 commandments of this top producer.

San Diego top real estate producer, Zandra Ulloa, is a powerhouse in her market. How did she do it?

How did she do it?

Here is the breakdown of our in-depth interview with Zandra:

1:17 What inspired Zandra to get into real estate

2:35 How Zandra got started and how she got to the next level

4:36 Zandra’s 10 Commandments of Real Estate:

5:00 Commandment 1-Time Blocking

8:57 Commandment 2 – Show Up

11:18 Commandment 3 – Do What You Hate

13:47 Commandment 4 – Keep Swimming

15:33 Commandment 5 – Get Rid of Distractions

17:03 Commandment 6 – Be the Brokest One in The Room

19:43 Commandment 7 – Visions of Success

21:20 Commandment 8 – The Pitch

22:58 Commandment 9 – Know The Language (Getting Better with Repetition)

24:45 Commandment 10 – Let People Know Who You Are

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