If you are trying to do anything of much significance, it’s almost certain that you are going to feel stuck and confused along the way!

Several years back when I was dead broke and struggling to “figure my life out”, this is what helped me stay strong and resist the urge of giving up.

Thank you, Jase Souder.

Here is what you will learn from this video:

0:15 What do most business vidoes talk about

0:23 What is the one thing we should talk about but don’t

0:54 The moment that shifted everything for Sam when he was broke and struggling

1:41 Why you should trust God, or the Universe, or Buddha or Coco Chanel if that is what you want to call “it”

2:42 What you will absolutely feel when growing your real estate business

3:39 The car dealership that turned Sam down and why it was actually a good thing

4:36 Why perspective determines success or getting your ass kicked

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I hope this shines a light for you and your business. I hope you implement it, and I hope you do me a favor and SHARE THIS VIDEO.
To your success.

Sam Khorramian Co Founder REAT

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