In this Wild Out Wednesday episode, Sam shares insights into the importance of choosing a positive perspective so in order to grow your real estate business.

Have you ever wondered why some Agents love prospecting, while most hate it?

It’s the same reason some people love going to the gym…

In this episode of Wild Out Wednesday, Sam gives some insight into how perspective can help your business grow or keep you stuck.

Watch this video to learn:

0:18 The difference between those with negative or positive perspective

0:43 Is perspective a decision?

1:03 How perspective can help you handle the “no’s”

1:41 Sams perspective on Big Block Realty reaching over 500 Agents

2:08 Choosing the right perspective

2:42 What we all need to do to gain a better perspective

3:15 A great podcast that will help you have a more positive perspective

3:37 The lesson for today is…

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To your success.

Sam Khorramian
CEO|Co Founder
Big Block Realty