Want to know the secret to real estate success? You gotta act like your life depends on it…

In this video Sam covers the difference between being committed to being comfortable versus being rich, setting bigger goals and dreaming so big it scares you.

What do you need to do to ensure you reach the success you want so badly?

Here is what Sam covers in this short and impactful video:

:08 How Bad Do You Want It

:22 Act Like Your Life Depends on It

:37 You’ve Gotta Be Hungry

:56 What is Sam Hungry For?

1:15 This Might Offend You

1:24 Sam’s Challenge to You (Just Be Selfish)

The bottom line, you need to think bigger, work smarter, dream larger and reach for the stars.

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To your success.

Sam Khorramian
CEO|Co Founder

Big Block Realty & REAT