This guy is killing the direct mail game. How? 

Watch this video to see how Jim McCord, best selling author of Revolution in Real Estate, has implemented an efficient, inexpensive way to win more listings with direct mail and how to create and maintain relationships with this one simple strategy. 

In the episode of In The Know Real Estate Show with Oliver Graf, Jim discusses:

1:18 How Jim used his strategies to grow his business

1:47 Amazing response from direct marketing

2:47 Expired listing mail campaign

3:04 Oliver get’s dissed (instant replay)

3:56 “Lumpy mail” for direct listings

4:23 Have you ever had a negative response to sending direct mail?

8:21 Photos of the property that get a response

11:09 Mailing for luxury listings

14:10 Post closing mailings for referrals

15:16 The “dog treat” strategy

18:23 What Jim has learned after sending 8,500 cards

20:52 Super ninja Facebook strategy

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Oliver Graf
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