If you want your team to win, you have to create an environment that is conducive to them winning.  

You have to do a lot more than sling some leads to your team to be a great team leader. You actually have to manage them, motivate them, empower them and lead them in a way that makes them feel inspired.

Having bodies isn’t enough. You have to have people who are in the field crushing it. 8 deals a year is not going to move the needle. 24 deal a year…by each one of your team members, that is going to change your life. The reality is that is not about how many agents you have on your team.  It is about the overall per person productivity or PPP.

Would you rather have 3 agents doing 75 deals a year or  10 agents doing 75 deals a year? The goals of having a team is to maximize growth, scale, and profitability.  You can not do that if you are playing the game of how many bodies or agents you have over what your production numbers look like.

Great team leads invest…invenst in their teammates, invest in their sales ability, invest time in helping them overcome challenges, objections and invest in helping them become better so they can outperform most average agents.

Watch this video to learn how our friend manages to have 3 teams in 3 states and each one of those team members is closing upwards of 24 deals a year.

Learn what it takes to grow your team, be the best team lead you can be, and crush your goals.

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